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by: Lindsay Denton, Copywriter

First impressions matter. This is something you need to keep in mind whenever you're thinking about how to present your business to potential customers. Today, many of those potential customers will first learn about you online, so you need to make sure that you're making a good first impression with your website. And the first thing many people will see on your website is your landing page. Creating the perfect landing page is, therefore, very important. Here are some key tips on how to do just that.

The Basics: What Is A Landing Page?
A landing page is a page that your users land on when they follow a link from search results, an email, an ad, or something similar. This is not to be confused with your homepage. Your homepage is the face of your entire business. A landing page, on the other hand, represents a specific product or service you're offering. Landing pages are important for small business marketing because their whole purpose is to convert visitors into customers. Typically, the content that directs users to a landing page is not enough for that, so it's the landing page that does the heavy lifting. Of course, that means the landing page needs to be excellent to fulfill its purpose.

Why Is Creating the Perfect Landing Page So Important?
Good landing pages come with multiple benefits. For one, they capture leads and convert users by presenting your goods and services in the best possible light and thus convincing potential customers to pay for them. But there's more to landing pages than just the sales aspect. Landing pages also help your search engine optimization. SEO is the collection of practices that help you rank higher in search engine results and thus attract more traffic to your website. Landing pages are one of the things that have influence on this; you just need to optimize them well. Finally, landing pages can be a great way to capture customer information. All you need to do is include a form that offers something in exchange - give free estimates on your services, ask customers to subscribe to your newsletter, or provide discount coupons to those who join your customer base.

A Guide To Creating the Perfect Landing Page
How successful a landing page will be in achieving all these goals depends on how good the page is. Therefore, to make the most of your landing pages, you'll need to put some thought and effort into their creation.

#1: Keep it simple
Virtually every list of web design tips you'll ever find agrees on one thing: adopting a minimalist approach is in your best interest. This doesn't mean that your landing page should be a few lines of text nothing more. But you do need to focus on what is most important. Don't write pages that are tens of thousands of words long - nobody has the patience to read all that. And don't put too many images - they'll just distract from the content and make the whole page feel cluttered. Instead, you want to strike a good balance. The page needs to be detailed enough to convert users without including a lot of unnecessary information. It also needs to have enough other media to break up the text in an interesting way without overwhelming the user.

#2: Write impactful headlines
The first thing anyone is going to read on the page is headlines. Then, they'll decide if they want to read the rest of the text at all. In fact, people who don't have a lot of time may read only the headlines, so it's essential to make sure your headlines capture the reader's attention. They should be informative but straightforward. To increase the chance of conversion, you should also make them as engaging as possible.

#3: Don't oversell
If you're already on a budget and looking for ways to cut expenses, it's probably imperative to you that as many of your users as possible become customers. Accordingly, it may seem an obvious choice to sell your business as much as possible. You'll be tempted to invite readers to spend money on your goods and services by listing out all the great features of your products. But people can recognize when they're being marketed to, and they don't typically respond well. So don't be too aggressive with your pitch. Instead, present your offer in the best way possible and tell your users how they benefit from paying for your products or services. Let that speak for itself rather than overselling.

#4: Include a call to action
Research has shown that simply telling people to do something - follow you on social media, contact you with their questions, or fill out a form to hire you - dramatically increases the likelihood of them doing so. It may seem obvious to you that a person who reads your landing page and likes what they see will become a customer. But it's not that simple. Sometimes, people aren't sure where to go from a landing page. Or they may simply forget to do something if they don't follow up immediately. So include an impactful call to action in the beginning or end (or both) of your page. This will significantly increase your conversion rates.

#5: Add the right imagery
A wall of text is not something that really holds attention - there's simply not enough visual interest in it. So you'll want to break it up with other types of media. This includes images, videos, forms, and other types of interactive content that keep the user engaged with the content. Whatever you incorporate, make sure it's high-quality, congruent with your message, and representative of the rest of the content on the page.

#6: Emphasize social proof
The vast majority of people read reviews before buying a product or booking a service. We trust other customers' assessments of the business because we believe they're honest and will tell us what we can expect. This is why reviews and ratings are so critical to businesses. You can use these to beef up your landing pages. Include a widget that displays reviews at the bottom of the page, write a paragraph about all the happy customers you have, or link to your social media where users can read for themselves all the positive things people have to say about you. This will go a long way in encouraging the reader to commit to your business

Some More Tips for Creating the Perfect Landing Page
Creating the perfect landing page won't be of much use if your users can't access it. So make sure to test the page once you launch it. Is it responsive? How fast does it load? Are the images clear? Does the formatting look good? Is the layout the same in different browsers? Remember to optimize for mobile too - more than half of your users will probably come from mobile devices. Finally, make sure that you're sending consistent messaging across different pages. You want all users to receive the same impression of your business, regardless of which page they end up on.