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by: Alexandra Cortechaine, Director of Public Relations

People don’t want to buy stuff, they want help. There’s a simple five step process when talking with a potential client that can help you close a sale.

Step One – Gain Interest
You’ll always gain interest from someone if you talk to them about them. Tell your potential clients how your product will help them specifically.

Step Two – Establish Credibility
Our credibility comes from our background and our experience, but it also comes from the way that we interact and deal with people and the trustworthiness that we build in those relationships.

Step Three – Establish Need
Ask the person you’re talking to what they’re looking for, what is their specific need in this moment. People need to feel like you understand their need. To do this you reiterate back to them what they’ve said to you after they say it.

Step Four – Offer A Solution
The solutions that you offer must be tailored exactly to the needs that they said that they have. Offering solutions to problems the potential client doesn’t have will make you unsuccessful in your sales attempt.

Step Five – Have An Easy Way To Close The Deal Available
Customers will often say, “What do we do next?” that’s when you know you have closed the sale. This is the time that they are most interested in your solution. Make sure you have a method of payment or a contract with you and ready to sign. By finishing the transaction right at the time of sale it’s done and that’s it.