Great Ideas Start Here

blog: a regularly updated web page, typically run by an individual or organization, containing relevant thoughts and ideas.
by: Randi Gardner, Director of Sales & Marketing

Twitter is a great way to market your product or services. To get started you need to lay the groundwork for your Twitter marketing plan and figure out how you want to talk about what you do. Let’s start off with a few don’ts…

  • Don’t Lie. If you send out a tweet where you link to an affiliate make-money fast web site, but you make it sound like you want people to see a cool video they can’t miss, you will lose the trust of everyone who clicks that link and word will spread about your deception. 

  • Don’t Spam. Similarly, if you send out nothing but commercial messages, Twitter users will unfollow you, block you, and report you as a spammer, and Twitter should and can shut down your account.

When we decided to use Twitter to market our web development business we had no idea where to start. I was asked to do some research on getting started and identify some things we could do to get the word out about what we had to offer. Here are a few of the things I learned…

  • Develop your business keywords. If you work in the car wash business, your keywords might be #cleanwindshields, #floorboards and #dashboards. It’s important to know that the # is a hashtag that you put in front of a location or keyword to help people on Twitter find the term in searches, as well as to tell other people. 

  • Promote your business by using tweets. You need to write messages that appeal directly to people who may be interested in your products. It sounds easier than it actually is. Everyone is being hit with thousands of advertising messages online every day. To avoid turning off and losing potential customers try some of these techniques.
    • Write about sales and deals.

    • Keep your messages at a ratio of about 1 marketing message per 10 or even 15 noncommercial messages.

    • When you are tweeting avoid sounding like you have all the answers on how to make easy money with little or no work or how to cure an incurable disease. Those are sure ways to end up being treated like a spammer.

    • Tweet about trends and upcoming events in your industry, creating content to educate people about things they need to know.

  • Make blogging a part of your Twitter marketing plan. Use your blog to promote ideas and solutions that you know about. Then use Twitter to promote your blog. Because you’ve already created a network of people in your industry, now you need the content to pass on to them. The more they see, the more they’ll understand that you’re the expert, and when they have a problem, they’re going to call the expert. 

  • Use Twitter for small business customer service. Customers can now speak more easily with each other and spread the word about good companies, but by the same token, they can also tell each other about bad experiences. Using Twitter for customer service saves money and training time. Twitter is free. You can use it easily and so can a customer service rep, so no need for extensive training.

  • Respond to customer complaints on Twitter. Fix customers’ problems quickly and to their satisfaction to make them not only stop complaining but also maybe even sing the company’s praises. Tweet about how you solved a problem and how important customer satisfaction is to you.

These are a few of the things that have really worked for us. Once we started tweeting we noticed that we really had some influence in the web development community and customers were noticing. Things we said were getting retweeted and people were communicating back with us. The best way to build a business is through networking and relationships and social media is the future of network marketing. If you haven’t gotten started, now is the time to sign up for your free Twitter account.