Great Ideas Start Here

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by: Christine Swartzendruber, Chief Technology Officer

When we founded Devscape Softwareour vision was to equip small businesses with the tools they needed to run their operations effectively and to simplify their processes. We wanted to give them more time to focus on their specialty, not on record keeping and receipt tracking. We wanted them to keep their project details in one, easy to access application, rather than on post it notes stuck to their monitors. We wanted to create an environment where they could collaborate with their teams and their clients to share ideas that would grow their business. That’s exactly what we did.

I have started to attend conferences and trade shows regularly so I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all different businesses. The group that has consistently communicated their struggles and challenges more than any other; healthcare professionals. Don’t misunderstand what I mean by a lack of solutions though. There is plenty of clinical software available, more than ever before. Providers like Cerner, AllScripts and Athena have jumped at the chance to create electronic health records and patient access portals. What’s missing is the enterprise piece. Hospitals, health care provider networks and even primary care offices are businesses too, and they face similar challenges. They need software to store their data, do their billing and keep track of their daily tasks. They need to communicate internally to their associates and provide them with an environment of easily accessible, collaborative tools.

There was a need, we provided a solution. We created Devscape EMS, a web-based cloud app for enterprise. This week we’ve released a demo version of the software, and gotten more interest than we had anticipated. Most commonly users wanted to know how EMS would fit into their IT strategy and how they could use it to increase their bottom line.

The advantage of this, like any cloud-based system, is the elimination of costly infrastructure, backup solutions and support staff. Cloud software is hosted in the cloud, which is just a way to say on the internet. What that means to our clients is simple. They don’t have to support it, just use it and pay only for what they use. 

The core engine is only a starting point. The app is fully customizable. It can be integrated into other systems and it’s scalable, so that any needs can be met and necessary tools can be added easily. We are excited to partner with healthcare professionals to create solutions for their enterprise so they can focus on what they do, providing quality care for their patients.