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by: Christine Swartzendruber, Chief Technology Officer

Google has made subtle changes lately including their new simplified, fade in site. However, they are about to make more changes that will affect the way your website is ranked. Among these changes are real-time results, breadcrumbs, personalized search, regions, search features in the search bar and including anchor links in the search results.

Real time results is an important change because this means including results from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. This will bring social media even more to the fore-front and create a need for most businesses big or small to get in the game so to speak.

Breadcrumbs are a great tool for increasing usability of a site. Using a site with breadcrumbs means you always know where you are, where you’ve been and how to get back to where you would like to be. In addition to their current functionality, they will now increase your rankings with Google, who has already begun showing them underneath the search result listing.

Included in your search results now is the region where the site initiates. If you want to know at a glance where a website comes from this is a useful tool. Also included, are anchor links. For pages with anchor links a “Jump to” link is also shown in the result if the relevant area of the page is after an anchor.

These changes are worth noting for anyone who cares about the placement of their website with Google. Keeping up with Google changes is key to your rankings and your chances of drawing visitors to your site.