Great Ideas Start Here

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by: Randi Gardner, Director of Sales & Marketing

Technological advances over the past decade have given us the ability to do so much more with photography then we ever thought possible. We can take a photo and view it on our camera screen in just a few seconds. We can load, edit and print photos in under five minutes with tools like photo shop and an inexpensive photo printer. Remember our parents had to take photos into the 24 hour lab to have their film developed.

Over the past year, no one has made photos as fun and easy to manage, than Facebook. They have partnered with Target, whereby you can simply go into any Target store find a photo printing machine and print your photos from your Facebook account, right there without needing any SD card, and certainly without a roll of film.

Photos are by far the most popular content on Facebook. With Facebook Photos, you can upload an unlimited number of albums to your Facebook profile or Page. You can reorder photos, rotate them, and tag your friends in them. Your friends are able to view your photos and leave comments. The Photos application page displays albums recently uploaded by your friends, photos recently tagged of your friends, and links to your own photos.

Another recent idea that will make photo sharing fun is a startup that will be working in conjunction with Facebook called, Pixable. This application allows Facebook users to browse their friends photos without jumping from profile to profile. They will be able to browse photos by categories such as, “most popular” or “our family vacation” and get updates when specific friends add or are tagged in new photos.

As apps for sharing photos multiply and photographers upload their snapshots in record numbers, the move to create an organized way to rank and share photos could be a smart one.

Nothing, however compares to what will be the biggest and potentially most controversial photo sharing upgrade ever. Facebook Photos is bringing Facial Recognition software to photo tagging. The product uses technology that was developed by Facebook in house as well as some technology that came from partners.

Here’s how it works. Whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of your friends in an album, Facebook will utilize its facial recognition technology to group similar faces together and automatically suggest the friend you should tag them with. Facebook fills in the “Who is this?” box with it’s suggestion, all you have to do is click the “Save Tags” button to accept.

Whatever your opinion on the progressive features Facebook has made to photos and photo sharing, they have created millions of new engagement points and social connections, making it much more fun and a whole lot more organized than the family photo albums of our past.