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by: Christine Swartzendruber, Chief Technology Officer

Why Create a Separate Page for a Product?

We did it because it’s important to us to provide relative content for our target audience. We develop software for small to mid-size businesses. Our typical target audience includes entrepreneurs, digital marketers and website owners. Last year we launched Argenta, cloud software, designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. In order to share relevant content for nonprofit managers and executive directors we created the Argenta Facebook page.


How to Feature the Product Page on Your Facebook Page

Facebook offers a way to feature one page from another. Here’s how...


1. First, make sure you have liked the feature page as your own page.


2. From your page, select “Settings”.


3. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select “Featured”.


4. If you have no featured Likes, click “Add Featured Likes”.
If you already have other featured Likes select “Edit Featured Likes”.


5. Select the page you would like to feature by clicking the corresponding checkbox. Then click “Save”.


That’s it. The featured products page will be shown on your page. Up to five pages can be shown at a time, and you can specify which of your liked pages always rotate there by selecting them as featured.