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by: Christine Swartzendruber, Chief Technology Officer
I was in a meeting with a new client this week. The client was asking me several great questions about how we would create his website. During the course of the meeting, it crossed my mind that this conversation would be pretty valuable for anyone who was starting their own website, or even having one created by someone else. Here are a few of the questions he asked and some of my answers.

Question One - Do you use some other company to design templates or will you create a custom design for us?
We do not use templates. Every design is custom built to fit the needs and personality of your organization. We create visual representations of the design, called story boards. Once you decide what changes you would like to see, we complete the design, add the navigation and begin the development process.

Question Two - We have purchased several different domain names over the past few months. I don't remeber if we own the .com or the .org for our organization's name. How can I find out?
Who Is. There is a website, where you can type any domain name into a textbox, choose an extension, (.com, .net, .org, etc...) and click "Search Now" to display information on the owner of a domain name. As long as the owner has not paid an additional fee to keep this information private, you will know immediately who the owner is.

Questions Three - How long will it take to design, develop and deploy my website?
Websites and Web Applications come in many shapes and sizes. The amount of time it will take to create a site from start to finish, is determined by the scope, budget and size of the project. Once we have an initial meeting with you to determine the exact specifications of your site, we will provide you with a timeline for completion, we guarantee to meet or exceed.

Question Four - What about all the different browsers? Will my site work in every browser?
We will do cross-browser compatibility testing before we call the project completed. We guarantee to make your site viewable by the largest internet audience possible, including most mobile devices, and all of the major browsers.

Question Five - How often can I make changes to the content on my site?
All websites designed by Orange Kite Web Development have a built in content management system. This means you can make as many changes to your site, as often as you need to, without needing to contact or pay us to complete them for you. Our content management system is custom designed and very easy to use.

Question Six - What will you use to develop my site, and where does all the data live?
Orange Kite uses only Microsoft .Net with C# to develop our sites. We also use a Microsoft SQL Database server, to store and query all data used by the site or application. We believe these technologies provide the most efficient tools for development.  We host all of our site with a reliable hosting company called CrystalTech. We have housed our sites and applications with them for over 10 years, and have never lost any data, or had any downtime. Not many site owners can say that.

Question Seven - What happens to my domain name if we don't want to work with you anymore?
We do not make a practice of registering domain names for our clients, for their own protection. We are happy to help you purchase and administer your own domain, and even be listed as a technical resource on the account. If it is absolutely necessary for us to register and maintain the domain name for you, we will include the ownership information in the initial development contract, so that ownership is clear. We want to protect our clients and ourselves from any misunderstanding.

These were some of the most common questions my clients ask me when I meet with them. We encourage anyone who needs a website to ask these types of questions before signing a development project agreement. As with any business relationship, always get everything in writing for the protection of everyone involved.