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by: Lauren Randel, Director of Marketing & Communication

If you want to make more sales or attract more high quality clients, you need to understand the following marketing fact, if a prospective client sees enough value in your service and they trust you to deliver it, they will buy from you!

Value Or Trust, Which Is Letting You Down?
If people are not buying whatever you have to offer, one of those two are letting you down. People either don’t see enough value or they see the value, but don’t trust you to deliver it. So, lets take a look at the most common mistakes small business owners make, when it comes to value and trust.

Do They See Enough Value
Small business owners usually struggle when it comes to value. They offer a service that looks too similar to their competitors and there is very little value, in being just another me too, provider. Not only do they make their business invisible, by camouflaging it among all the other me too providers, they attract fee sensitive clients too. When one service looks much like another, prospective clients use fee (or price) as a way to determine value. It’s hard to sell anything, when it’s barely visible. Whatever service you provide, stop copying your competitors. Do it your way. Make yourself visible. Pump as much value into what you offer as you possibly can.

Do They Feel Enough Trust
Even if a prospective client sees value in what we offer, they need to trust that we will deliver on what we promised. At some point, we have all been let down by a product or service, which failed to do what we expected. This makes us sceptical about the promises and claims we see. As a result, your prospective clients and customers need reassuring. They want to see testimonials. They want to check you out on Google and find positive feedback about you. You need to proactively build trust all the time.

Here is the most common, trust-destroying mistake I see small business owners making: They claim they will offer an outstanding service, yet they charge a bargain basement fee. Many would massively increase the number of sales they make, if they would only increase their fees or prices. People are immediately suspicious, when they see our prices don’t match our lofty promises. It seems too good to be true. They sense something doesn’t quite stack up. You’ve lost them. Don't undervalue what you have to offer. Do offer a unique product that solves a problem for your client.