Tier 1 Monthly Maintenance Package $250/month

Web Site Hosting
Hosting of Dynamic site with a SQL Database on the backend of the site to provide a content management system. Features included in the hosting package include:

• Nightly backups of the entire site including the database.
• Full security package to keep your data safe from hacking attempts.
• 1,000 MB website storage space
• 100 GB bandwidth.
• Unlimited FTP access.
• Unlimited email addresses.
• Comprehensive site analytics.

Monitoring and Maintenance of Site Hosting Environment

Because your website is a dynamic content management site, there are some monthly functions that must be completed on the hosting server. SQL Script Creation, keeps your communication to the SQL Database current and functioning properly, SQL Database Compaction keeps your SQL Database within the size limit of the server and our site checker, goes through your site to make sure that all links are working properly, all images are sized correctly and all dynamic editing done over the past month is formatted correctly.

E-mail, Phone or In Person Consultation
Unlimited support including, general site orientation and training, marketing strategy questions, web design consultation, usabilityt issues, or any other general questions. (travel expenses are not included for onsite support).

Unlimited Addition of Content Managed Pages
Clients can request as many content only pages, as needed. There is no limit to the number of content pages your site can have.

One Hour of Custom Programming per Month
This hour of custom programming can be used in any way that the client chooses, addition of dynamic pages such as forms, calendars, document management, a community section, etc.

Photos and Other Misc. Graphical Additions
The client may request the addition of up to 10 images, photo or graphical, be added to their site per month. Images should be supplied by the client in either .jpg, .gif or .png format. Client is also entitled to 1 hour of image editing, formatting or conversion. All additional custom graphic work is billed at an hourly rate.

Minor Updates and Changes
Should the need arise for help with the dynamic updating of the site, we will provide up to 1 hour of Content Management work per month. This includes:

• Revision of text on any page of the site.
• Uploading and linking to documents to be referenced on the site.
• Uploading and selecting images.
• Link revisions and updates.
• Other minor updates as needed.

Tier 2 Monthly Maintenance Package $1500/month

Tier 1 Maintenance + Addition of One Complete Dynamic Section per Month

With the Tier 2 Monthly Maintenance Package, client will receive one complete dynamically managed section per month. Dynamically managed sections include but are not limited to:

  • Interactive Forms to Collect User Data.
  • Dynamically Updatable Calendars
  • A Moderated blog
  • A Managed Emailing System
  • A Newsletter or News Section
  • A Forms Manager for Sharing of Documents
  • A Customizable Dynamic Section of the Clients Choosing

  • Tier 3 Premiere Monthly Maintenance Package $3500/month

    Tier 1 Maintenance + Tier 2 Maintenance + A Complete Online Marketing Package, Including:

    • 2 Social Communities Managed (eg: facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.)
    • 1 Social Bookmarking Site Managed (eg: digg, delicious, etc.)
    • 1 Blog Managed (WordPress, Blogspot, etc.)
    • Analytical Reporting (1 month of data)  
    • Paid Placement Management.
    • Press Release Management (including keywords).